From the stage to the studio

It has been quite a while since I stopped using big amplifiers on stage. After a long time spent with two faithfull Fender Blues Junior, around 2010, I picked a Koch Studiotone head (20W) for live performances. This head is a good tradeoff as for tone (which is quite original), reliability, transportability and connectivity.

In home studio 20W is really too much so the Studiotone spent the majority of its time in the garage. Since yesterday, though. I decided to use the Kock Loadbox to save some SPL and… bingo!



As you might be aware of, lowering the output power via a loadbox yields a loss in high frequency content but the Studiotone is designed to be very generous in that part of the audio spectrum. This makes the head a potentially ideal candidate to be used with a loadbox. Being the Loadbox made by the same firm as the amp should help to make everything sound better.

The SPL reduction is as big as one could achieve via an ISO Box but the sound is far more better. It is just like being on stage with a dynamic, rich, warm sound but… neighbours don’t seem to be disturbed!


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