A new band is coming on the scene. We’re four (4) just like the (dim)ensions of an extended space which is difficult to plot unless you ask for help by the music.

Two voices to sing crossing melodies:

Tanja Di Bernardo

Arianna Gagliardi

Two guitars to support with rythm and armonies:

Alessandro Sbrolli

Emiliano Girolami

The set list is undoubtely pop. Italian and international. From the last decades to yesterday. We sing and play merging every single experience to synthesize what we believe is someting new.

Keep following us in pur next dates. The best is yet to come. A presto! 4dim (Tanja, Arianna, Alessandro, Emiliano)

Pictures by Eleonora Vigna shot during a live gig in a place which has become a staple for live music in Tagliacozzo: Ada Nurzia