A new release is coming from NTFC Band

NTFC Band’s new work will be called Superstiti. The recordings are practically finished and we begin to think about the mix and the subsequent mastering.

This time it will be a multi-format project. The songs will be released in stereo (for traditional listening), immersive binaural (for listening with headphones) and Dolby Atmos (for a full immersive experience).

NTFC Band – ph. by Renato De Mura

It is not yet clear whether vinyl will also be released.

The reason for the title is twofold.

The songs that will make up the album are Superstiti (survivors) because they are the ones (from our originals repertoire) that are actually performed in our live shows.

Superstiti (survivors) are the members of NTFC Band (after a series of episodes, vicissitudes and changes) who now form a stable set.

Continue to follow us for further information. See you soon!

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