We are playing together for many, many years. This doesn’t help to keep things quite. We are a group of friends going back and forth following the events of our lifes. Currently the band members are Emiliano Girolami, Tanja Di Bernardo and Massimiliano Corradi.

NTFC Band live 2022

For this season (2022/23) we decided to move to something more electronic. Muse, Depeche Mode, Placebo and Cranberies plus a few more things in the same genre.

Check the next video to have a look on what’s going on with the band:

NTFC Band playing Muse’s Madness during a rehearsal session at Music Up Studio

Tanja Di Bernardo


She is the female voice of the band, you can listen her lead voice on l’amore non toglie and I miei pensieri migliori or in our last albums #nativoanogico – la versione di Tanja and #nativoanalogico – ricominciamo da qui

Emiliano Girolami


Plays guitars, synthesizers and sings. Sometimes he writes songs.

Massimiliano Corradi

The Lord of the keyboards, always trying to put Bach into everything.

We’ve made five albums so far, we performed in the best and worst clubs in Italy. We like a lot playing live and enjoy our music… with you!

Live 2022 @Rome

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See you!