NTFC Studio’s desk

It’s the place where we imagine and make real our music. The studio is based around the Presonus Studio One DAW. We recently added a wonderful SSL BiG SiX to be our analog mixer and digital interface (check here our review made for Milk). We use Universal Audio, Plugin Alliance, IK Multimedia, Presonus and Waves plugins. The monitors are Focal Shape Twin (with ARC3 room correction sw) and IK Multimedia iLoud MTM. As of headphones we have AKG K371 and Beyerdynamic DT100 for tracking and Ollo S4X (with Sienna Free and CanOpener plugins) for mixing.

We decided to go for analog mixing consolidating all the outboard (thanks to series 500) in a single rack. The mix is achieved with an SSL BiG SiX with 4 hardware channel strips. Two of them are made by Rupert Neve Designs Eq+Comp while the other two are realized with API 550A Eq and API 527 VCA compressors. The master bus is handled by an SSL Fusion processor with an SSL G-Comp stereo VCA compressor. The SSL G Bus Compressor coming from the console is obviously part of the game.

NTFC Studio’s outboard for mixing and the preamps for tracking

Preamps are AMS Neve (2×1073) followed by two AMS Neve 2264ALB compressors, API (512C), Shadow Hills Mono Gama, SSL VHD+ (x2), SSL SiX Channel strips (x2), Heritage Audio (HA73EQ) and IGS Audio PureTube (valve preamp). Latest arrival is a UA6176 Tube channel strip (with UA1176 FET compressor).

All the outboard is connected to the BiG SiX so that patch bays are no longer needed (this will definitely improve our workflow). We always track and mix at 24bit and 96KHz to limit aliasing and keep crystal clear transients.

Our mics are: Telefunken TF47 and Copperhead Cu29 (tube), Telefunken M60 FET, Neumann TLM49, Audio Technica AT4040, Microtech Gefell M940, sE Electronics Z5600a MkII (multipattern tube), Se Electronic sE2300 (multipattern), Shure SM57 e 58, sE Electronic V7, Sennheiser E906.

Roland SE-02 Synth

We’ve got synths and keys (Moog, Roland, Yamaha, Korg, Arturia) and, obviously, guitars (Fender, Gibson, Lava), amps (Morgan Amplification and Marshall) and basses (Yamaha) plus a Helix Floor when modeling is required.