NTFC Band presents Cashmir at Teatro Portaportese

Cashmir, the album

In Jan 24th 2018 NTFC will be waiting for you at Teatro Portaportese (Brecht hall) for the new album’s launch!

The event starts at 20.30, ticket price (membership included) is 10€. Buffet and drink is available for 5€.

Cashmir is a concept album about encounters. It talks about meeting women, men, situations, events and (why not!) cats. It sings about stories which once born, live and then die. Episodes collected in a lifetime (the Stefano’s one) spent taking notes with a guitar and sharing them with an always changing band which adapdet, along the years, to the anavoidable changes. So the songs had lived with us anf they went through the ages and transformed themselves. Simplified, complicated, modified and finally put into their natural box… Cashmir.

The band’s artists are:

  • Tanja Di Bernardo
  • Stefano Avagnano
  • Emiliano Girolami
  • Alessandro Sbrolli
  • Lorenzo Buttinelli
  • Matteo Di Francesco

CDs, DVDs and rare&collectible Vynils will be available for you to buy.

The program follows:


Places are limited, make your reservation (mail to emiliano – at – ntfc.it) soon!

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