The guitars area uses several small (and bad) amps to drive a 2×12 Blackstar speaker (loaded with two Celestion V30s).

Guitar amps
Guitar amps

The heads are:

  • Koch Studiotone
  • Blackstar HT5
  • Mooer Little Monster BM
  • Mooer Little Monster AC
  • Bugera Infineon T5

A Koch (Loadbox LB120-II) attenuator makes neighborough lives a little easier.

As of effects a TC Electronic Nova System works side by side with a thousend more pedals. A Zoom MS-50G feeds the Blackstar’s loop.

Guitar corner

The bass is connected to a  Gallien and Krueger MB-110. The coustics are processed by a TC Helicon Voicelive Acoustic and amplified (when needed) by a Prodipe Natural 6.

The electric guitars are Gibsons (SGs and Les Paul Junior). Taylor (6 strings) and Cort (12 strings) are the acoustics. The bass is a five stringed Yamaha.