#roundshoulder is going to continue with a new album

#roundshoulder tour is (almost) over. I’ve been playing in many different places enjoying venues, people and different situations. I didn’t think to receive that much support with this intimate, whispered, unusual proposal.

There were times I’ve performed up to 50 songs in a single night. Great shows sometimes and less than awesome performances too (you know, sometimes emotions takes the lead). I’ve met new people and found unespected feelings.

I’ve re-discovered energies I thaught were lost and felt emotions that, probably, never loose their appeal (now I know).

I’ve even (in a sound check) found myself playing for kids (some of them very, very, young). I never did that. They didn’t understand my words but they were watching and listening music. I’m wandering about what I had left to them…

Everything went out live with no memory of the events. Just a few pics shot by relatives and friends.

Than I did find, surprisingly, my ideal acoustic guitars (needless to say thay are #roundshouldered).

So I decided to work on someting tangible about this experience. #roundshoulder is going to be an album. I shall need some time (but none too much). The album’s name will be #roundshoulder – il suono delle spalle tonde

Well… thanks, for now! I really didn’t even imagine that so many things would have happened.


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