#roundshoulder is about the sound of acoustic guitars with round… shoulders. Something I wanted to do since quite a while. A simple show with just a vox and an acoustic guitar to recall the feelings and the intimacy of small situations.

#roundshoulder – il suono delle spalle tonde

As I wrote in one of the last posts, #roundshoulder is now an album (see front cover above). Audio and graphic files have been sent out for printing, the album should be ready in few weeks. Stay tuned because there will be partial releases before the album will be published. Meanwhile check the videos below.

Andrea (by Fabrizio De André) performed by emiliano
A horse with no name (by Dewey Bunnel) performed by emiliano
Find the cost of freedom (by Stephen Stills) performed by emiliano

West coast and singer-songwriters. The music who has contributed the most to spread the acoustic guitar sound (mine is a #roundshoulder, by the way) through the masses.

#roundshoulder (il suono delle spalle tonde) will have a double edition. In vinyl form it will have 10 songs. The digital edition will have 13 songs in 4 different formats:

  • high defnition audio for audiophiles (24bit – 96 KHz)
  • CD definition for… nostalgics (16bit – 44,1 KHz)
  • MP3 for those in mobility
  • vinyl emulated for those who like “warm” sound with hiss and crackles .

The digital release will also have all the videos in Full HD format plus a detailed booklet

This thing started at Civico2 in Tagliacozzo (AQ) to proceed in pubs, open venues and even at your home should you want so.

The tour dates so far are:

  • march 3rd 2019 – Civico 2, Tagliacozzo (AQ)
  • march 30th 2019 – Il Duca, Tagliacozzo (AQ)
  • april 11th 2019 – Parsifal, Roma
  • may 3rd 2019 – Ada Nurzia, Tagliacozzo (AQ)
  • june 21st 2019 – Notte della musica, Grottaferrata (RM)
  • august 25th – Civico2, Tagliacozzo (AQ)
  • october 26th – Parsifal, Roma

pause for album recording

  • february 22nd, 2020 – private event at Elena’s house
  • march, 2020 TBD – Parsifal, Roma
  • march, 2020, TBD – Todomodo bookshop, Roma
  • march, 14th, 2020 – Civico2, Tagliacozzo (AQ)
  • april, 2020, TBD – Music Up Studio, Roma (live recording event)
emiliano @parsifal

with more to come.

Songs will be picked up by following artists:  James Taylor, Bob Dylan, CSN&Y, Simon&Garfunkel, America, De André, De Gregori, Fossati, Daniele to name a few. Originals will also make part of the game

Plus… some old good blues

See you there!!!